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Maine Glass – What We Do:

Maine Glass distributes a full array of Interior Insulating Windows, replacement windows, and acoustic windows.

Interior insulating window solutions upgrade the performance of outdated windows beyond the standards for conventional replacement windows. Interior insulating windows are an ideal cost-effective solution if your existing windows are structurally sound, but not delivering the performance you desire.

Maine Glass will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for your windows. An array of operable and fixed models allow the design flexibility to work well with all types of existing windows. We can customize our window system to your specific needs.

JW Marriott-Chicago, IL

The J.W. Marriott is one of three architecturally significant buildings on LaSalle Street; the other two are the nearby Federal Reserve Bank and the Chicago Board of Trade building.

“Their architecture is very similar, that group of buildings is very important to preserve. We did a search into the type of glass material and insulation we needed, we had a technical team that investigated the properties of different materials,and the glass we selected was, in our opinion, the one that would do the job best in terms of aesthetics and insulation. We were very pleased with the interior insulating windows.”

Lucien Lagrange – HKS/Lucien Lagrange Studio, Chicago.

 Penton Media Building – Cleveland, OH

“We chose Maine Glass interior windows because it was the best option for our project the cost was considerably less than replacing the entire window system and, after testing the storm windows Maine Glass provided to us, we knew that we had finally found the solution to our heating and cooling issues. After reviewing the engineering drawings we realized that the 100-ton air handling units that were specified as part of our renovation would only need to be 80 tons if the windows were installed. Assuming cooling costs of about $1,000 per ton, we could realize a savings of $20,000 per floor just for the equipment cost.”

Mike Domanich- Chief Engineer

1176 Peachtree- Atlanta, GA

Energy Savings: 1776 Peachtree is a 214,000 square foot seven-story office building located in Atlanta, GA. The building is prone to and was experiencing severe solar heat gain resulting in high utility costs. Maine Glass was contracted to seal the building envelope and reduce solar heat gain. Installation of both Maine Glass Interior Insulating Windows and Maine Glass Between Glass Blinds achieved a 35% reduction in projected energy costs. Independent energy modelingestimated an annual savings of $87,037 with a 5.72 yearly payback.

Utility Rebate: Using the ComFen 5.0 energy model, Maine Glass workedclosely with the building owners, Denholtz and Associates and the local utility provider, Georgia Power toachieve an energy rebate. This incentive was part of a Custom Savings program offered by Georgia Power for capital improvements that demonstrate a measurable and veri_able reduction in energy consumption. The incentivefor this project was calculated at $0.08/kWh saved. Georgia Power conducted an extensive evaluation of the project along with the energy modeling and successfully awarded Denholtz and Associates a $40,000 rebate

McHenry County Courthouse

Interior Insulating Windows were installed on the inside of the old single-pane windows. “We had two positive results, after the new windows were installed, we went back to the same people who had complained about the old windows, and we asked them how they liked the new windows.   They loved them  they weren’t complaining about the heat or cold in their offices. And secondly, from an energy savings point of view, the new windows were partly responsible for helping us save $200,000 on our energy bill.”

John Hadley- Director of facilities management for McHenry County, Ill.

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