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Historical Applications

historical2Maine Glass has a successful history of using interior insulating windows to upgrade windows at historically significant buildings.

Our windows have been approved and installed in several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, each individual state that has reviewed our windows has approved our windows through their Historic Preservation Society.

During a typical installation a building’s existing historic windows are not removed or altered, they stay just as they are. Then, using a unique and patented product line, Maine Glass installs an interior window on the inside of the existing historic window. The end result is a window system that performs and insulates as well or better than new replacement windows, all without changing the existing historic windows.


Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry: Birthplace of the National Anthem, home to Interior Windows by Maine Glass.

Fort McHenry: Birthplace of the National Anthem, home to Interior Windows by Maine Glass.

The star-shaped Fort McHenry National Monument was the site of the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812. It was at Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner. Of all the areas in the National Park System, Fort McHenry is the only one designated a National Monument and Historic Shrine. Recently, Ft. McHenry purchased interior insulating windows from Maine Glass—an ideal system to upgrade window performance and preserve historic windows.

Hotel Metro

MILWAUKEE — The Hotel Metro emerged from a $7 million renovation in 1998 as a stunning, upscale boutique hotel in downtown Milwaukee. Located in the heart of the city’s entertainment, cultural, and financial districts, the renovation included upscale amenities, luxurious custom furnishings, and a magnificent lobby and restaurant. Originally built in 1936, the six-story art deco building is a significant structure in Milwaukee. The adaptive re-use of this historic building earned Hotel Metro many awards, including a membership in Historic Hotels of America.

The building’s original handsome hardwood windows were preserved during the renovation. While the windows added to the historic character of the hotel, they also allowed modern noise problems to infiltrate the guestrooms.

Historic Windows, Insulated against modern noise

Historic Windows, Insulated against modern noise

Even though they provided complimentary earplugs in the guestrooms, hotel staff routinely received noise complaints from guests. Hotel Metro is in a vibrant neighborhood and the noise from patrons and music at area clubs and bars was waking up hotel guests. In the early morning hours, the loud rattling of dumpsters and garbage trucks on the quaint cobblestone roads was the source of more noise

After reading about a successful noise abatement project completed by Maine Glass at a New Orleans hotel, the owner of Hotel Metro contacted Maine Glass in the fall of 2003. Maine Glass visited the hotel and performed a test installation in two of the Hotel Metro guestrooms. For the test installation Maine Glass used interior sliding windows that were specifically designed to retain operability of the existing windows while creating a dramatic reduction in noise infiltration. After thorough evaluation, Hotel Metro was very pleased with the noise reduction and awarded Maine Glass a contract to supply and install interior insulating windows in all of the street-side guestrooms.

The building’s original historic windows were left in place and Maine Glass interior insulating windows were installed inside, creating an insulating dead air space and a dual pane, double frame barrier. The project delivered numerous benefits including noise reduction, increased energy efficiency, and preservation of the historic windows.

Hotel Metro guests are still treated to a great location in a vibrant neighborhood but now the guests also enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

For more information on Interior Insulating Windows and other cost saving windows and window treatments including “Between the Glass” blinds, contact Maine Glass at 888-825-6975.

Hotel Monaco

monacoWhen the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group decided to purchase the historic 75-year old Masonic Temple in the New Orleans Business District and renovate it into a classic 250 room Hotel Monaco they knew they had to address many issues. One key issue was the problem of noise infiltration. Comfort and quiet are of primary concern when designing a hotel room. Kimpton also needed a window application that would not compromise the historic appearance of the building.

Maine Glass was awarded the subcontract to retrofit over 250 rooms and suites involving over 550 windows with nearly 30 different room layouts. The Masonic Temple’s original, historic windows were left in place, and The Maine Glass interior insulating windows were installed inside, creating a dual-pane double frame barrier against the elements. Each window was measured and made specific to each opening.

Brice Building Company was the general contractor on this award-winning project. The renovation won the Louisiana Contractor Magazine “Best of the Best, 2001” award, and won a National Merit Award at the ABC “Excellence in Construction Awards”. For the hotel to achieve its four star rating there were several requirements, including construction meeting minimum Sound Transmission Classification (STC) rating. The Maine Glass windows were an integral part in achieving the desired STC rating. Previous testing has shown Maine Glass retrofit windows to successfully reduce a room’s Noise Criterion (NC) rating from NC-40 to NC-25. This is equivalent to over a 50 percent reduction of sound levels.

The Maine Glass interior window solution meets high performance standards, yet typically costs less than half of window replacement. Maine Glass and Maine Glass windows were proud to play an integral part of the final outcome of the New Orleans Hotel Monaco.

The patented Maine Glass window design lends itself to an easy installation and a trouble-free product. As a result, the final product that provides both an aesthetically pleasing structure that retains its historic appeal, while also providing the modern benefits of reduced noise infiltration, superior insulation, reduced heating and cooling costs, and increased comfort.

Maine Glass offers a free “energy evaluation” that will determine the anticipated energy savings after the windows have been installed. For more information on Maine Glass windows, contact Maine Glass at (888)-825-6975.

Milwaukee Federal Courthouse

MILWAUKEE FEDERAL COURTHOUSE Historic Windows, Modern Insulation

MILWAUKEE FEDERAL COURTHOUSE Historic Windows, Modern Insulation

The General Services Administration has chosen Interior Insulating Windows by Maine Glass as a part of several renovation projects at the Milwaukee Federal Courthouse. The Federal Court building is an impressive structure that was largely completed before 1900, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Maine Glass was chosen for several reasons, none more important than the ability to update the interior look of the courtrooms without altering the exterior sightlines.

Rather than go through the costly process of finding identical replacement windows, Milwaukee officials chose to go with the much more cost effective and energy efficient Interior Insulating Windows. In different parts of the courthouse, the GSA selected different color windows to match the interior décor. In many areas the GSA selected between-the-glass blinds. In some special, hard to access areas, the building installed blinds that are operated by a remote electrical wall mounted switch.





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