Interior Fixed – Specification

Below is the general specifications for Maine Glass fixed interior insulating window Fixed Aluminum Interior Insulating Windows

I. General

A. Work – Included – Provide all labor, material and equipment necessary to manufacture and deliver fixed interior insulating window designed compatible with Between-the-Glass blinds and components as specified.

B. Product Overview – Removable fixed panel windows. Track (described below) and blind (if applicable) are installed first, pre-glazed window in sash (described below) is then inserted up and into the opening. Window seals to track with a wool pile compression seal at top and bottom (sill and header), and a magnetic seal along the sides (jambs).

II. Description

A. Standard windows shall be 1/4″ laminated glass (1/8” clear glass–.030” polyvinyl–1/8” clear glass). Other glazing options are available to meet the requirements of the project.

B. Window shall be glazed into aluminum sash rail with mitered and screwed corners.

C. Components of Framework shall include (top) deep-track, (bottom) shallow-track, (bottom) mullion (for use with blind operator), and two side steel angles. D. Color is to be specified by customer.

III. Submittals

A. Detailed written installation instructions and drawings shall be included upon request.

B. Samples of material may be furnished upon request, with a cost to the customer.

C. Independent product performance test results shall be furnished upon request.

IV. Warranty

A. Five year warranty on the material. Five year warranty on all components that are defective in material or workmanship for five years from the delivery date. Under no circumstances does this warranty cover glass broken after the delivery has been accepted, or any material that is damaged during installation.

V. Products/Materials

A. Aluminum (top) Deep-Track’s average depth is 0.75″ and average height is 1.25″.

B. Aluminum (bottom) Shallow-Track’s average depth is 0.430″ and average height is 0.5″.

C. Steel Angle is 0.75″ x 0.50″ – 90° angle, 24 gauge metal painted on outside surfaces.

D. Mullion shall be 1.0″ x 0.75″ hollow core aluminum tube. E. Aluminum Sash is attached to the glass