Custom Noise Solutions

Interior Insulating Windows by Maine Glass are often specified as a barrier against external noise infiltration. These custom made interior windows have a slim profile designed to blend into the existing window frames. Maine Glass is proud to work with our customers to deliver customized solutions to meet the needs of individual projects.

Insulating Airspace

Generally,a larger airspace will deliver greater noise attenuation. Maine Glass windows are independently installed inside the existing window frame. This design is able to maximize insulation characteristics with greater airspace and dual frame protection.

Perimeter Seal

An airtight perimeter seal that eliminates gaps and leaks is crucial to achieve sound transmission loss. Independent laboratory tests have shown Maine Glass fixed windows to have no air infiltration at window speeds up to 25 mph.


Rigid materials allow noise to vibrate through. All members of the Maine Glass window framework are insulated and cushioned with a double-faced foam tape to dampen vibrations.

Asymmetrical Glazing Thickness

Typical dual pane glass units have two panes with the same glass thickness—these units exhibit a resonant frequency as both panes vibrate together and transmit noise through the window. Whenever possible,Maine Glass alters the glazing thickness to achieve maximum noise reduction.

Laminated Glass

Changing from insulating to laminated insulating glass typically adds 4dB to the noise attenuation of a window system. Laminated glass is offered as an option by Maine Glass for projects that need to maximize noise abatement.